BB’s Mini-Mystery #3 Solved!

Congratulations to Tami Williams of Phoenix, AZ! She figured it all out! She’s got a $10 gift card coming her way!

Here’s what happened:

The investigation showed that there were three sets of fingerprints at the crime scene. Darnell, Betsy’s and another set. The third set belonged to Sally Metzger. As it unfolded, Sally broke down during the interrogation. Her sister, Beverly Whitford, had killed herself earlier in the year after breaking up with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Darnell Wooten and he had broken her heart. Sally decided to play a game with Darnell.

Darnell had already told the others that he would lock up when Sally arrived. They had gone home leaving him and Sally alone in the gym. He had called Betsy while Sally was there listening and when he had finished the conversation, she had whispered something in his ear that had driven him crazy. She lured him into the weight room that night with empty promises of a passionate interlude. Once they were in the weight room and he had laid down on the weight bench, she had injected him with a drug that had caused him to lose consciousness. This she had gotten from her friend, a young doctor whom Darnell had also dated.

As he drifted into unconsciousness, she placed a set of barbells across his throat and began to add weights to either side until she was sure that they were crushing his windpipe. She heard something out front and quietly slipped out of the weight room and hid behind the counter. She saw Betsy heading for the weight room and made her move. By the time she was in her car, Betsy had discovered Darnell.

Unfortunately for Sally, she had been so blinded by the need for revenge; she hadn’t taken the necessary precautions to keep from being identified. She hadn’t worn gloves because it hadn’t occurred to her that they wipe down all of the barbells each evening. She had been too focused on making Darnell pay for her sister’s death. Such is the fury of a woman scorned.

The next Mini-Mystery will be posted on Monday, January 28th! Make sure you check back with us!

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