A Sad Day…

As with the untimely death of any celebrity, this news left me with a very sick feeling. It simply doesn’t make sense. He was a great actor and had so much potential. It’s hard to comment on events such as these without sounding dumb, however, I wanted to take a moment just to say that my heart goes out to his family as they try to deal with the loss.

It can’t be easy, especially when the news is covering the story around the clock. Hopefully, the networks will be sensitive to the family and they’ll try to stay focused on the positives such as how great he was in such movies as The Patriot, 10 Things I Hate About You and the rest.

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite Heath Ledger films. Something to make you smile as you remember this young actor.

Until Next Time…

One thought on “A Sad Day…

  1. Isn’t it sad? His family appeared heartbroken in their brief appearance on the news yesterday. And although it’s unfair to make comparisons, when I hear about the death of Heath, a hard working actor who made difficult career choices, was by all accounts a regular guy and trying to be a good dad to his little girl, then the news is followed by Britney Spear’s latest weirdness, it makes me doubly sad.

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