The dangers of boredom…

I’m sitting here thinking about what I will be writing later when I start working on more of Keeping the Faith. As usual, I am sorting through the stupid thoughts that enter my mind and trying to put the good ones aside so that I can assemble them later, when I have the time to do so. Blogging is a great way for me to do this. Not to say that you’re only getting the chaff, mind you, but what I write here is mostly made up of the things that simply wouldn’t make sense if it were added to my books.

For example, why is that I can never remember whether or not I’m looking at Dermot Mulroney or Dylan McDermott when I see one of them in a movie. I know who they are, I know what kinds of roles they generally play, but for the life of me, I can’t look at one of them without saying is that Dermot or McDermott? It plagues me so.

Another thing that happens frequently is that I can never remember if the movie that I’m watching is Three to Tango or Fools Rush In. I do realize that these two movies are in no way similar, but still, I can never quite discern which of the two I am watching until I’ve watched at least twenty minutes or so of the movie. I love Matthew Perry, ever since he was on Growing Pains, but for some reason, he seems like the same he’s playing the same role in these two movies. It’s ok, though. It really doesn’t bother me other than making me ask myself the same question every time I’m watching one of these movies.

I also hate the fact that I can never remember Campbell Scott’s name when I’m watching him in a movie, but as soon as I’m not watching the movie, his name pops into my head. I was watching Music & Lyrics the other day and for the life of me, I couldn’t recall who he was until after the movie was over.

This is all quite trivial, but these are the stupid little things that bug me when I’m just doing my day-to-day stuff. And yes, I realize that it looks suspiciously like my days consist only of watching movies and writing. I assure you that I do much more than that. Well, maybe much is a strong word, how about a little more. Yes, I do a little more than that.


Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “The dangers of boredom…

  1. You poor soul! A surefire way never to confuse the two again: You must see THE WEDDING DATE — obviously you have not yet seen it.If you have already seen it and are still confused as to who is who, then you cannot be helped. You poor soul! (Maybe an EEG?)

  2. Psst…I’m not really that confused about it. I was bored…hence the title of the post. Just wanted to ease your mind a bit. An EEG won’t be necessary. I’m not sure why you kept your identity hidden. You should take every opportunity to take full credit for your clever sarcasm.Thanks for stopping by.

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