Soup, anyone?

I’m a big fan of the show, The Soup. For those of you who watch it regularly, you can appreciate this. I get a great deal of satisfaction from watching the host, Joel McHale,take stabs at the various talk shows. Somebody has to do it and this guy is really good at it.

I particularly enjoyed the bit about the Paris Hilton jail release stories airing on the news. One reporter decided she was fed up with covering this ridiculous bit of “news” and he had a clip from her mini-tyrade. MSNBC is also running a clip from the aftermath of Mika Brzezinski’s refusal to run the Paris Hilton story as the lead on the morning broadcast the other day. See it here!

I really enjoyed this and I commend Brzezinski for sticking to her guns on this. This ties into my previous post about media vultures and shows that there are still some journalists out there who stand up for doing it right. Though this was my first exposure to her work as I try not to watch alot of news these days, I have to give her credit for taking a stand.

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