Happy Birthday, Rona Shively!

Today is a special day! Not only is it the birthday of my favorite character in the world, it is the day I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and publish the first chapter of the eleventh book in the series on Kindle Vella, The Harder They Fall! I struggled with the idea for a while, but then realized that there was no better way to get myself in gear than to just jump right in and start sharing. I realize that for those who’ve never read Rona, there will be some big spoilers in book 11, but I’m hoping it won’t deter them from going back to read the earlier books. Consider them a prequel to a new era for Rona. She’s 55 today, so why not throw caution to the wind?

It will be good to have her back! I’ll have the link for you soon. It’s being processed as we speak, so in the meantime, if you haven’t caught up on books one through ten, now would be a great time. All are available in the HGBM Shop, on Amazon, and on Audible! http://www.highergroundbooksandmedia.com/shop

P.S. – Wishing a very happy birthday to my aunts Betty & Bonnie today! Hope they have a wonderful day! Ladies like these inspire me to keep writing empowering stories like the Rona Shively Stories. Love you ladies!

Tea & Mystery

Recently, I’ve started scheduling discussion events with libraries called Tea & Mystery. At these gatherings, we are going to discuss the mystery genre and how it has found its way into our daily entertainment diet. It should be lots of fun and We’re even going to play a whodunit game as part of the presentation.
I’m looking forward to doing these discussions. I enjoy mysteries every day whether it is on my television, in my car on audiobook or on my own computer where I write them. I hadn’t realized just how much my life revolved around mysteries until I started putting together these discussion events. If you are able, please join me at one of my upcoming Tea & Mystery presentations. The schedule is below:

8/28 New Carlisle Public Library, New Carlisle, OH 7 p.m.
9/10 Clark County Public Library, Springfield, OH 7 p.m.
9/27 Champaign County Public Library Urbana, OH 2 p.m.
10/14 Waterville Public Library Waterville, NY 6 p.m.

All events will last about two hours and participants will be encouraged to bring their favorite mystery books with them so that they can share their thoughts on the topic. More information about registration will be available a few weeks prior to each event.

If you have a private group that would like to have a similar discussion, please let me know. I can do these in person or via conference call!

Until next time…

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