Attention: Middle Aged Babes…

Just in time for the holidays, I’ve found another great book for women. How To Be a Middle-Aged Babe by Marilyn Suzanne Miller is a wonderful collection of information for those of us who want to age gracefully. This guidebook to maintaining your babe status well into your middle-aged years is a must have for women with a sense of humor and perhaps a nice hint to those with none.

I wasn’t sure about this one because ordinarily I hate the word “babe”; however, the information on the front cover drew me in and I just had to take a look. Not that I worry about such things, but this book had great tips for coping with or at least developing a better understanding of just about every aspect of a middle-aged woman’s life. Questions like, “How can I be both hot and old at the same time?” or “How can I tell if I’m married or single?” had me laughing my ass off. Figuratively, of course. But wouldn’t it be nice if…never mind. In any case, this book would make a great gift between sisters, mothers and daughters, best friends, etc. The book has been praised by such celebrities as Penny Marshall, Julie Kavner and Laraine Newman.

With hilarious tips about beauty and how to handle your finances, this book has something for every woman. If you are looking for a fun read, pick this one up today.

Until next time…have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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