Don’t forget…

I’ll be out at the Appalachian Festival in Cincinnati, OH tomorrow, Saturday, May 10th looking for people who want “Rona Bucks.” If you’re not careful, you could be handed a $5 Rona Bucks Gift Certificate!

For anyone who spends one of my Rona Bucks certificates at the website, I’ll automatically enter you into a drawing to win a free copy of the newest Rona Shively book, Keeping the Faith! It will be out by the end of the year!

Good luck and I hope to see you there!

Don’t forget to enter…

we have two contests going right now. You can win a copy of either In the Wash or Under Lock and Key, depending on which contest you enter. Click on the contest link in the top, right hand corner of this page for more information.

Both contests end on May 11th, Mother’s Day!

Good luck!

The Joy of Writer’s Block…

Although I don’t necessarily believe in this phenomenon, I am experiencing something that resembles writer’s block. I’ve been stuck in the middle of my book for what seems like years, though it’s really only been a few weeks. I’ve deleted chapters and started over at least three times. I’ve come up with so many other ideas in the meantime that I’m simply overwhelmed by the sheer potential of what is being held hostage in my cluttered mind. I have no idea why…well, that’s not entirely true. I just can’t say why right now. I have no idea how long this will last, but being a deadline oriented person, I can tell you that it’s driving me a little nuts.

I’ve heard that writing something every day is the key to being successful. You don’t necessarily need to publish something every time you write, it’s the act of engaging in the creative process that helps keep you going. I guess I could try this…it has worked in the past. Or I could take a long break and then jump back into the deep end. Either way, I’ve been trying to take some time to explore other author blogs and see what’s happening outside my little bubble. I’m motivated by the realization that I’m not the only one going through this.

The mini-mysteries have been a great way for me to exercise my brain. I really enjoy writing short stories and I’ve had these ideas on a list for a while now. I’m getting great guesses from readers and to tell you the truth, some of you have come up with much better endings than I did. At the end of the contest, I might compile them and share the alternate endings with you just for fun. We’ll see.

For now, I’ve got my laptop up and running and I’m prepared to spend the evening writing and watching HGTV. Mini-mystery number three just might have something to do with home repair…or not. You never know where my motivation will come from. It’s a thrill a minute here at the Benston house. Such is the life of a struggling author.

Until next time…