Attention All Winners: It is time!

Well, the time has come.  You must now pre-order your copy of the latest Rona Shively story, Thy Will Be Done.  No ifs, ands or buts, the time is now.  LOL.

Thy Will Be Done copy

Seriously, in celebration of the sixth book in the series, the first twenty-five who order their copy from me will receive an entry into my drawing to win a brand new Kindle e-reader!  That’s right, and for those who order one or more Rona Shively books between now and the official release date for Thy Will Be Done, your name will be entered into a drawing for all Kindle versions of the Rona Shively stories!  So there are a couple of ways to win.  Pre-order Thy Will Be Done and you could win a chance at the Kindle e-reader.  Order any other Rona Shively story and you get a chance to win all Rona Shively stories available for the Kindle.  If you’re really lucky, you might win both!

The official release date for Thy Will Be Done is February 4th, 2013.  To order and get your entries into the drawings, e-mail me here!  Winners will be announced on February 5th!

Good luck!

What, no comment?

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but figured that now was as good a time as any to post something. Over the past month or so, I’ve been trying to make some changes in my life. I’ve been trying to reconnect with God after an extended period of estrangement. It’s been long overdue and I’m glad that I’ve finally taken some steps in the right direction. What does this mean to you? Well, probably not nearly what it means to me, but I wanted to take a moment to fill you in anyway.

Part of this journey involves curbing my natural bent toward profanity and being such a hater. Granted, this has been challenging. I’ve always had a way with words, especially the bad ones. And, I am sometimes quick to say something not so nice about someone whom I feel has issues. Whether I’ve been right or wrong in some of the things I’ve said, I feel that I probably could have said alot of it much more lovingly. Don’t worry, though. I am not losing my edge. I’m just dulling it a little so that it won’t cut quite so deep.

In a bizarre coincidence, just as I’m trying to be a kinder, gentler Rebecca Benston, I get a notification in my inbox this morning from Associate Content. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about my former publisher, PublishAmerica. I was tired of hearing comments from people who wanted to bash the publisher and any writer who had found themselves under contract with them. I’ve received a few good comments over the years and today, I got one that really tested my ability to act in a Godly manner. Here is the comment:

Wow. Publish America a legit publisher? that’s perhaps the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Publish America is a Vanity publisher that will put into print, any incoherent nonsense that happens to be written. it is for hacks who have some inflated self worth and believe that commercial publishers, who have rejected them, have done so unjustly. if you get published by PA, you aren’t even a writer. you’re just someone with a computer who managed to string a few sentences together. I could have a monkey tap dance across my keyboard for 2 hours and come up with something PA would publish. if you are so untalented that you have to use PA to publish, I’m embarrassed for you. Do your homework.

lisa miller

My poor tongue has permanent indentations from the biting it endured after reading this one. I was especially bothered by this woman’s refusal to use a capital letter. Fortunately, though, my fingers were able to respond by sending her a nice response which I’ll share with you here:

Ms. Miller, I’m not going to go into great detail to explain my position on this. I’ll just say that PA was a great starting point for me and that it is not a vanity press. I’m not sure why you feel the need to attack writers who choose PA, perhaps you had a bad experience with them or maybe they actually rejected something you sent them. Whatever the case, I wish you well and hope that you can get a handle on whatever it is that has caused you to be so bitter. By the way, what do you write? I’m interested in checking out your work so that I can see how a real writer does it.

Note, I used no profanity and I think I was fairly tactful. Considering what I really wanted to say, this was actually quite remarkable. In any case, it never ceases to amaze me how some people can spend so much time in bitterness that they would actually take the time to spew such hatred at someone they have never met or had any kind of interaction with. I don’t know this person. Or at least, the name doesn’t ring a bell. I thought to myself, “Did I cut this woman off in traffic? Did I maybe date her husband in high school or something?” For all I know it’s the Navin Johnson curse. She probably just picked my name out of the phone book or something and decided to attack.

The point is, a few months ago my response may have included a couple of choice words and I would have been angry. Today, I feel like I’ve said what I needed to say and now, I can go to church.

Happy Sunday, all!

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