Moving on…

The other day, I sold my car. It was a good car and it served me well for the eight years that I owned it. It made many things possible including a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, several trips to Kentucky, and numerous outings across the state of Ohio. I spend a lot of time in my car, so it was important to have a reliable mode of transportation. It wasn’t always possible for me to trust the car I was driving, but this one was a blessing and I’m happy to have been able to drive it for as long as I did. Now, someone else will have the opportunity to drive her around.

Why did I get rid of it? Well, I had put as much money into the car as I wanted to put into it. I had wanted a newer car for a while and it just so happened that a newer vehicle presented itself for pretty much the same price as what I could get out of the old car. It worked out so well that I’m sure it was meant to be. I now have a car that I can put a few more miles on without feeling like I’m pushing it too far. And I’m not really out anything. I’ve still got lots of great memories from a car that served me well. Hard to believe I had the thing for over eight years. I’ve never had any car for that long and it was the first one that I’d been able to completely pay off. But it was time. As with all things, there comes a time when we outgrow the old and we must allow ourselves to step into the new. Even though it may look very similar to what we were already doing, the very act of taking a slightly different step helps to prepare us for the next level of challenges we must face.

I can’t wait see where we go from here!

Left. Old car. Right. New car.

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