Too late…get ready for Rona 8

dead endThe Life and Times of Rona Shively, Issue 6

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to reading your other favorite mystery series, Rona Shively is at it again.  When we left her, she was just beginning to understand that there really is No Rest for the Wicked…now, she’s barreling down the road at full speed once again and she’s finding that the only thing she can always be certain of is the fact that when offered two choices, she’ll inexplicably choose the wrong path.  Why does God let us make these stupid mistakes time after time?  Will her entire life be just one big test?  Is there any end in sight to the chaos that surrounds her?  You’ll have to read the latest installment in Rona’s story to find out…look for it in February of 2015 from Books from Higher Ground.

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