Books from Higher Ground Seeks Grant!


HG Books Logo 2013

My publishing company, Books from Higher Ground is a semi-finalist for a grant from Idea Cafe.  Winning this grant will allow us to launch our campaign to help people from all walks of life tell their stories to empower others.  This benefit-of-my-experience approach to supporting one another will not only be helpful and encouraging to those hearing the story, but it will be therapeutic and liberating  for those telling the stories!  Please visit our page at Idea Cafe to read about what we will do with the grant money if we are fortunate enough to win.  Your vote is needed!  Tell your friends, post comments to our page there, show us your support in every way you possibly can.  We appreciate your help!

You can also click on the box in the upper right hand corner of this page to see our entry for this grant!



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