I Think I Can…I Think…I Can?

It has been a long couple of months. I usually try to post something at least every couple of weeks on my blogs, but due to many things that have been going on in my family, I’ve just not had the time or energy. After this long break, I’ve decided on one thing. I must refrain from taking such long breaks. It becomes way too easy to just not do the thing. As much as I enjoy writing and communicating, the more time I take away from it, the harder it gets to come back to it. So, here I am. Ready to enlighten you with my rapier wit.

First, I’d like to say that I’m finishing up writing my sixth Rona Shively book. Today, my goal is to get the first draft completely written and submitted to my publisher. I’ve decided to call the book, Thy Will Be Done. After the year I’ve had, I’m thinking no other title would be a better fit.

In this book, Rona is recovering from a few setbacks. She is dealing with some new realities in her life and trying desperately not to sink back into some habits that she wants to leave behind her. It’s a story about adjustment and figuring out who we are. It’s so easy for me to write this because I’ve spent the last twenty years trying to figure out who I am and haven’t really come to a solid conclusion yet, except maybe on a couple of points.

I’m excited about this book and am hoping that you will be, too! Rona is a wonderful character and watching her “grow up” over the past six years has been a trip. As a special bonus for people who pre-order Thy Will Be Done, I’m going to include a copy of some inspirational writing that I’ve been doing. When I say inspirational, I really mean empowering. The whole point of my writing is to empower my readers as they go through life’s day-to-day struggles and so, I’m going to include my self-published book, Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost: Tales from a Crazy Christian Woman absolutely free with the purchase of any Rona Shively book! I hope you will take advantage of this offer by pre-ordering your copy. I”ll have a link to it set up by the end of November.

As always, I hope that wherever life finds you today you will remember that with God all things are possible. Sometimes, it feels like nothing is ever going to change, but it’s all just a season that you need to go through to get to the next level. Never give up, don’t turn back, and most importantly, always know that you are special because God made you.

Until next time, friends!

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