De-cluttering Project: Day ??-We Interrupt This Program…

to de-clutter. I’ve had alot on my mind recently. More and more I have set my thoughts on what my life should look like and how I’m going to get there. This project of de-cluttering is only one of the things I need to do to reach my destination.

The older I get, the more meaningful it becomes to have “me” time. I have recently (within the last two to three months) started making time to walk in the evenings and also to write every day. I had been doing these things sporadically, putting them aside whenever others seemed to want me to do so. All this managed to do was piss me off. So, I decided that I was going to adhere to my schedule no matter how much some people don’t want me to. It is so important that I stand my ground on this particular issue. Otherwise, I get entrenched in a kind of clutter I really don’t want to deal with; emotional and psychological clutter.

It is so very important to do the things that mean something in your life. For me, there are three things I must do regularly to feel like myself. These include: meditation, walking and writing. Without these things I feel disconnected and I can’t even make simple decisions without feeling overburdened. Looking at these things it may seem like I need alot of relaxation, but in truth, I have never been able to fully relax in my life. There have been a couple of occasions when I got really close to it, but I don’t think being under the influence of anesthesia or epidural counts.

For those who don’t know, I also run a Women’s Blog called 2 Higher Ground. On this blog, I talk about things like relaxation and getting in touch with your spiritual side. I also like to post tips over there for how to improve self-esteem and things like that. This blog is the embodiment of all of the things I enjoy and what makes it possible for me to enjoy them. The ability to express what we like and what we don’t like is our right and privilege. And if people feel the need to make you feel bad or inferior for doing so, then you need to seriously think about whether or not they should be in your life.

That said, I’m not sure what all this has to do with de-cluttering other than to show how much time one can waste when their thoughts are cluttered by worries about what people think, what people might say if you do or say certain things, or even whether or not people will love you if you change. So don’t ever be afraid to express yourself. If being who you are doesn’t sit well with those who are supposed to love you, then maybe you aren’t loving the right people.

Next post, I promise I will have done some actual de-cluttering in the house. But for now…the de-cluttering of my mind will have to suffice.

Until next time…

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