FOX News needs a spanking…

for reporting this morning that spankings actually make children more aggressive. I can’t see how that’s possible unless parents are just hitting their children without doing any other parenting whatsoever. Sure, if all you do is swat your kid and you never talk to them or explain rules or expectations to them, they might grow up hating you and not understanding why you are so mean. But if you are a parent who takes time to talk with your child about things and you find it necessary to spank them for bad behavior every once in a while, I don’t see that having any negative ramifications. As a matter of fact, I think that’s part of what kids are missing these days. They don’t seem to be as weary of punishment as they used to be and I think it is because so many parents started listening to the findings of studies like these.

Ladies and gentlemen, just because a group gets together and researches something, that doesn’t make them experts on the matter. It just means they know more about the issue than they did before the study. Parents who are actually trying to parent their children are the real experts on this issue. You know the right way to handle your child. You know when you are being unfair and when you might have taken your punishment of their behavior a bit too far. At least if you’re like me, you feel guilty for yelling or losing your temper even when your child has been steadily stomping on your last frayed nerve for the past twelve hours and you’ve been as patient as patient can be.

My thought is this, we need to stop spending so much time and energy worrying that we shouldn’t be asserting ourselves as parents for fear that they will hate us. Your children are going to hate you for one thing or another anyway if you’re doing your job right. We need to spend less time justifying our lack of commitment to being the stern disciplinarians our children need and start finding ways to clean up our society. I have a few suggestions: Take those damned horror movie trailors off of the television that show terrible images to our children before we have a chance to turn the channel, take those horrible “booty” songs off the radio so that our five year-olds aren’t singing about Apple Bottom jeans, and for God’s sake can we drop all of the ads for male enhancement drugs and medication for depression? This shit doesn’t need to be in our heads all of the time. If it bothers me, I know it confuses the hell out of my daughter. While I know that it is my responsibility to monitor what she’s watching and hearing, they sneak some of these things by so quickly that you don’t have a chance to shield your child from it.

I’m not saying that the fault lies entirely with the media or with television or radio, but they don’t make things any better by not being responsible about what they put on the air. Just because they get a press release or they hear about some new fad, they automatically think it needs to go out into everyone’s homes. I don’t even think they screen this stuff anymore. News media makes their living by perpetuating our fears with reports like today’s big spanking news. This is bullshit. Parents are already confused enough without FOX News laying a guilt trip on them.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in wanting a news broadcast to report things that are actually useful to me. Telling me something that I know isn’t true just isn’t useful. It is downright enfuriating. My husband watches FOX News every morning and I’ve been trying to understand why. Perhaps he is oblivious to the crap they are throwing out and just needs background noise to accompany his morning coffee. I guess they’re good for that.

Until next time…

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5 thoughts on “FOX News needs a spanking…

  1. Rebecca Benston. If ever someone needs a spanking it is you. I would put you across my knee, raise your dress, pull down your panties, and wallop at bare bottom of yours, good and proper.

  2. Rebecca I agree with you about Fox News. Gretchen Carlson, and all the other ladies of Fox need to be spanked, Just like you on their bare bottoms, but all of us believe in Free Speech, so each of us must have our say. Don’t you agree.

  3. Well since you have chosen to make your comments as anonymous, I shall name you DICK. You views on women are neanderthalic and crude and honestly you have a sick preoccupation with spanking. It sounds to me like someone needs to press your off button because you haven’t the brain power to even properly form a sentence. I believe in freedom of speech but I think it should only apply when you have something to say that isn’t repulsive. Get a clue or shut up.

  4. Anon-You seem to have an obsession with spanking bare bottoms. I think you should have this checked. As for Fox, both the men and the women on the news broadcast need to be more responsible with their “journalism” and think about the ramifications of free speech before reporting on something just because it’s sensational at the time. Free speech is nothing without integrity, dignity and respect for the safety and well-being of others. Remember that the next time you’re commenting on a blog.

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