The Media strikes again…

Once again, I’m disgusted by the media’s lack of sensitivity. In the case of pop star, Rihanna, they have now gotten their hands on a picture of what she looked like after the alleged attack by her boyfriend, Chris Brown. It isn’t bad enough that she has had to go through such an ordeal, now she has to see what should have been part of a confidential investigation flashed all over the television. It amazes me how the newscaster can talk about the picture as though the big new piece is that no one knows how it was leaked to the media. It doesn’t matter how it got to them, the media should have the decency not to put that picture up for anyone to see. This part of things is definitely none of our damned business!!!!

At your lowest point, would you want everyone in the world to be privy to all of the information about your situation? I think that all newscasters should have their private business aired on a daily basis so that they understand the gravity of their actions. News to me is not seeing a picture of a brutalized young woman and hearing the gory details of her attack. News to me is telling me about the economy, about events that are taking place in my community, about the general crime rates (not the specific details of every single crime that takes place), about new programs or maybe even some of the good things that happen out there. News is not a contest for who can dig up the dirtiest, most disturbing details about anyone and everyone. When did our television journalists forget this?

Are you as disgusted by the media as I am? Tell me about it here!

Until next time…

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