Brain closings…???

I usually enjoy winter, but this season has me frustrated. Although the snow is beautiful when we get enough of it to cover the mud, it creates this sense of stop and start that effectively prevents me from being able to do anything productive. For someone like me, this falls under the heading of mild torture. When I can’t sit down and work on something for a good chunk of time, I hesitate to even begin a project. Even when I have time to do something, I can’t focus because I’m waiting to hear if I’m going to need to be somewhere. I simply can’t plan around this weather. Thus, my disgust with snowstorms and the whole ordeal of waiting for information on weather related closings.

This problem seems to be more profound now that I am working for our city schools. I just can’t get myself motivated to do anything when I’m waiting for more information about whether or not my school is closed. Instead of being able to spend my two-hour delays being productive, I seem to be hooked on watching for more information, effectively trying to will a closing to occur. And that’s not the worst of it, it’s like I lose brain cells when I’m watching that little ticker flashing closings across the bottom of the television screen. “Must watch for closings,” is pretty much imprinted on my cerebral cortex if that’s at all possible. There is no room for fiction writing, not even a story about a snow day comes to mind.

So you see, while the weather may not have closed my school, it seems to have closed my brain for the day. I’m surprised I could remember my passwords to check my e-mail. Until I hear that we’re either closed or that the roads are really clear, I get no rest. I’m wrapped up in a cycle of worry and anticipation that blocks all creativity.

Of course, I’m exaggerating the point a bit, but the overall effect of this weather has been to stall me in my tracks with regards to how much writing I’m getting done. One would think that a day home from school would mean pages and pages of prize winning material…well, ok, maybe not prize winning, but page-filling. How about that? If only my words could accumulate as quickly as the snow has, then we’d be getting somewhere.

THIS JUST IN…In the time it took me to put this post together, I received the call! We’re closed today! Now, I’ve got all of this pressure to write…geez, I’m never satisfied.

Until next time…

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