What’s the hurry?

I’m sitting here reading a magazine and suddenly, it dawns on me that I’m looking at Valentine’s Day ideas. Valentine’s Day? We haven’t even had Christmas yet and they’re pushing Valentine’s Day ideas? I thought maybe I had picked up an old copy of the magazine, so I looked at the front to see the date. Sure enough, the date on the cover is February 29, 2009. 2009? Did I miss something? After I finish being worried that I’ve gone all Rip Van Winkle, this gets me thinking. Shouldn’t magazines have to actually put a magazine out somewhere close to its supposed publication date? I realize they are trying to get a jump on things, but this is ridiculous.

Aside from the obvious, getting a February edition of a magazine in December tends to contribute to our already overwhelming sense that we are being rushed toward something. At least that’s how it is for me. When I see this kind of thing, I immediately feel pressure to get finished with one thing and start another. It takes all of the fun out of present day. Can’t I just enjoy my Christmas holiday without seeing candy ads and an unnecessary onslaught of relationship advice and cutesy cupid bullshit?

I don’t need to start thinking about Memorial Day in January. In December, my mind is so far from a cookout that I shouldn’t even try to remember what grilled food tastes like until we get somewhat closer to April. And no, I don’t want to decorate Easter Eggs before New Year’s Eve. Funny, I didn’t see any St. Patrick’s Day green beer ads in October. They really missed the boat on that one. I’m not sure they’ll try to promote the 4th of July before July. Even the dimmest of bulbs would catch on to that. Maybe I’m being too critical here, but for those of us who are over 35, we like to savor each holiday and hold the passage of time at bay for as long as humanly possible. Let’s face it, the ride to Christmas day is much like the uphill climb of a roller coaster. Once Christmas is actually here, the cars just go flying down the track and the next thing you know, it’s August and you’re another year older. Well, if you’re me, you’re another year older.

Maybe I’m just grumpy, maybe I’m an asshole. Who knows? All I know is that the last thing we all need right now is to be rushed through the good times. There aren’t enough of them to go around and I personally would like to spend as much time enjoying these days as possible. I think I’m going to do myself a favor and ask the postman to hold my mail for a couple of months so that I can read the magazines when they are meant to be read. How else can I be sure that my horoscope will be accurate?

Until next time…

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