Book Review: A great resource for writers…

If you haven’t read the book, The Right to Write by Julia Cameron, you need to make time to do so. This book is motivational, inspirational and one of the most well-written writing guides I’ve picked up in years. Cameron walks you through the various scenarios related to what might hold you back in your writing and then offers valuable exercises to help you work through your blocks. It’s not all about what blocks you, it’s also about what makes writing so wonderful and how everyone has a writer inside of them. I was worried that it might be one of those books where the author talks down to other writers by telling them how they should be writing instead of why. As I got into the book, I found that it was exactly the opposite. Cameron reminds you of why you want to write in the first place by providing some highly entertaining prose to illustrate the points she makes.

I checked this one out from my local library, but I’m going to buy it for my collection as soon as possible. This is one I definitely want to have around for those days when I’m less than confident about my writing. Yes, I have those days. Although I’m not really supposed to say it out loud. According to Cameron, it’s okay to have those days as long as you don’t let them stop you from writing. Writers need to pick this book up as soon as possible, especially if you’ve been having trouble getting started or you’re stalled on your latest project. It will help.

If I had a rating system in place, this book would receive all five stars!

Until next time…

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