Anxiously awaiting November…

but not for the reasons you might think. Sure, all of the political crap will be over and we won’t have to hear about how terrible Palin is or how inadequate Obama is. We’ll have discovered our fate shortly after the first of the month, so we can enjoy the rest of it. What I’m referring to is the release of the new Madagascar movie! I just can’t wait to see it. The truly funny thing is that my daughter, who will turn five in November, tells me that she doesn’t want to see the movie. Hilarious. She would rather listen to my Lisa Scottoline audiobooks in the car while we’re driving to daycare. Could it be that something is wrong with this picture?

It’s been a stressful year for everyone. November will be great for lots of reasons. Aside from the election, it will bring the start of the holiday season. It’s my favorite time of year. I get to have a birthday party on the 9th for my daughter and then plan for vacation around Thanksgiving, and then start shopping for Christmas. Obama and Palin will be the furthest things from my mind at that point.

We get so caught up in the politics, the economy and all of the crap, that sometimes it seems like there will never be any more fun. November is a time when I can get centered again and remember how much I enjoy seeing my daughter’s face light up when she opens her birthday gifts and hearing her rattle off an endless list of things she wants for Christmas. I get to spend more time with family and see people I might not have seen in a while. They tend to come out of the woodwork during the holidays. And then there are the parties. It’s just such a happy, festive time.

What are you looking forward to? When it’s all said and done, what part of the year makes you the happiest?

Until next time…

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