I’m Not Following You…

Twitter.com is a networking site that makes little or no sense. I recently logged into my account there after months of inactivity and found that all of a sudden, I was following a bunch of people. I found this odd because I didn’t recognize 75% of them. Now, I’m big on social networking, but really, I don’t want people thinking that I’m stalking them if I’m really not. I only wish to take credit for those persons whom I stalk intentionally. What fun is stalking someone if you don’t really care what they are doing?

In any case, it made me wonder if the people following me are in the same perdicament. Do they mean to follow me? Or are they just stuck doing so because some unknown force has put me on their list? Who knows? Either way, I can’t allow myself to be too impressed.

The site seems like a good idea, but it is rather anti-climactic for those of us who like to put a little more into our interactions than using simple one-liners to capture the mood of our day. I think. Sometimes, I do enjoy the simplicity of making one statement and leaving it at that, but usually, I have much more to say. I guess that’s why I’m here. I’m supplementing my Twitter use with meaningless blogs and the occasional Facebook post.

Until next time…Status: I’m posting this blog for you to read…right now….really…

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