I Squidoo…you can too…

Ok, so I’ve watched one too many episodes of Blue’s Clues. Funny how my mind works sometimes. I’ve been trying out some of the different social networking sites on the internet and I’ve found my favorites to be MySpace, Facebook and possibly Squidoo. I also do alot on NING networks, but I find it difficult to keep all of the different networks updated there since I have to go into each network seperately. There is no common platform there or at least, I haven’t figured it out yet.

I’ve been using MySpace for quite sometime and it has been a great way to keep in touch with readers and other authors. I have found so many people through that one networking site, including old friends, favorite authors and even people who are willing to review my books. It is and will probably always be one of the most valuable tools I have found for promoting my work.

Recently, I stumbled across Facebook and am finding it to be equally beneficial. Although I haven’t gotten nearly as involved there as I am on MySpace, I see potential. It seems to be a good place to post information about upcoming events and a god place to present general information about myself and my writing.

My latest discovery has been Squidoo. It is quirky and a little difficult to navigate, but once I get the hang of it I’m sure it will be great. Lots of people seem to be using this one, but I am still learning the ropes.

Over the last year or so, I have also joined the NING network site. From there, I was able to join several individual groups and post information about my writing and other projects. It is fairly easy to navigate, but the biggest problem I have is that there is not one central place for a profile. You have to set up a profile within each individual network. Nothing seems to cross over. It’s a bit cumbersome, but I have met alot of great people there.

What networking sites do you find useful? Challenging? Worthless? Weigh in on this discussion…I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time…

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