An Open Letter to Gordon Ramsay…

Chef Ramsay,

Although I do love your show, I’m so very disappointed in your choice for the winner of Hell’s Kitchen. Poor Petrozza, passed over for what would have been the opportunity of a lifetime, was obviously the more deserving of the two finalists. Blah, blah, blah…

If I were to write a letter to Gordon Ramsay, it might start like that, but then again, it might very well start like this…

Chef Ramsay,

WTF? We all know that Petrozza was, by far, the most consistent contestant in your competition. Although he didn’t win the challenges, he was always able to maintain the same level of productivity and quality in his cooking. He didn’t get rattled nearly as much as Christina did and when it came right down to it, she had to be told how to handle her kitchen staff on the night of the final. It was so obvious that you practically walked her through the entire process, while Petrozza was doing a great job of running his kitchen. He was only knocked off balance by a shortage of ingredients, but even handled that well.

While Christina sounded like a whiny, teenage babysitter barking out encouragement to her staff, Petrozza sounded more like someone in control of what was happening in his. It was obvious to see that Christina was not able to hold her own in the kitchen and in fact, didn’t even know what to do without your prompting. I have to say, I don’t get it.


Rebecca Benston

Glad I got that off my chest…geez.

Until next time…

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