Enough is enough…

I’d like to know why it is necessary for me to have to sit through commercials for the “Girls Gone Wild” videos when I am trying to watch television in the evenings. Here I was, trying to watch a comedy special on the comedy network and all of a sudden, there they were; a bunch of trampy women jumping around, pulling their shirts up jiggling around with those little censorship tabs plastered all over them. Woo-hoo. Wasn’t I thrilled to have to sit through four minutes of that shit.

What bothers me, but not more than the fact that there are women out there doing these stupid videos, is that you can’t even control when these things are going to pop up on your television. I don’t think I’ve seen one before eleven o’clock at night, but still, I’m watching the comedy network, not the nasty, pedifile, porn network. Not that I’m judgemental or anything, but how long before I have to monitor the Cartoon Network for ads like this? It is truly ridiculous.

Aside from that, I could do without all of the ads for Viagra, Cialis, and those other medications that have no place out in public view. For Christ’s sake, they cover up the Cosmopolitan magazines in the grocery stores, the least they could do is keep these types of things off of the television. It’s embarassing to be sitting there, watching television with your child and have to explain what that man is smiling about or why those girls are jumping around with their tops off. I should not have to change my channel to make sure I don’t see these things. If I voluntarily decided to watch something that’s a little “off-color,” then that’s on me, but when I’m just trying to enjoy a simple stand-up routine it’s a bit much to be bombarded with smut. Give us a break, surely you can find better advertisers to sponsor your programming, people.

That’s what I’m disgusted about this morning, I’m sure something else will come up later and I’m happy to share it with you all as it all unfolds.

Until next time…

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