Benston Blogs Lightens Up

You may have noticed that the atmosphere over here is a little “lighter.” I decided it was time to ditch the dark background and opt for a more upbeat theme. I hope that you will like the changes.

There will also be changes in the type of content I write here. Since I pretty much write about whatever is on my mind, you may have noticed that I cover lots of topics in a given month. That was getting to be a little tiresome, so I’m going to try and hone down my range of topics so that it all begins to make a little more sense. Just one more thing I want to do for my readers. 😉

In addition to news about my mystery series, I’ll be including some tidbits about my experiences with writing and how I’ve tried to overcome some of the obstacles that writers encounter. That’s really the point of the blog, isn’t it?

Until next time…

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