Happy Mother’s Day!

My daughter came down with a nasty case of something and we were in crisis mode most of the last day and a half. Thankfully, her fever has finally gone down and she’s in the whiny, I don’t want to stay in bed phase. Needless to say, Happy Mother’s Day!

She did manage to give me a very nice little card this morning, although she couldn’t understand why she didn’t get one too and continues to cry because no one gave her a card. Very cute. I’m just glad we’re past the fever and the throwing up. 🙂

Well, I’m not going to linger here today. I have to find my mother and give her our gift. I always enjoy picking out a gift for my mother. Usually, it’s something similar to what she got the year before but I try to do variations on a theme. I can remember nearly thirty years ago when I would go with my dad to this little flower shop in New Carlisle, Ohio and pick out her roses. Every year, we would pick out a dozen roses and take them home to her. It’s funny how I can even smell the roses when I think back to that time. When I finally became a mother, it was the first thing I thought of on my first mother’s day. I hope my daughter will look back on the gifts she has given me and know how much each little card and flower has meant.

Until next time…

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