Yes, I’m nuts. I’m probably not the only person in the world whose metabolism kicks in just enough to make me hungrier. Though sometimes, it feels that way. I used to overeat because I was bored or frustrated. Now, I’m just frigging hungry all of the time. On the plus side of things, I have been walking every day and I’ve even started doing more stuff outside since learning that I had miscarried. I made a promise to myself to try and get into better shape…if only I could stop eating these damned fudge bars. It’s not like a box a day habit or anything, but it certainly doesn’t seem like the right thing to reach for when you’re trying to lose a few pounds.

In any case, I’m struggling to get my brain back in gear and part of that means that you might be subjected to a little weirdness here on the blog. Pardon my lack of coherence…it’s a fudge bar haze.

Currently, I’m working on that ever-absconding third Rona Shively book. It just keeps getting away from me. I have edited and re-edited and I decided after the third round of editing that I really hated what I had written. In essence, I started over, but I’m still stuck. Not sure what I’m waiting for, but I guess I’ll figure it out sooner or later. It’s something akin to losing one’s mojo. Perhaps.

Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer or two, and whatever other things people do for people who need a little good luck to come their way. Any day now, something wonderful has to happen. 😉

Until next time…

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