Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

Once again, we’re nearing one of my favorite holidays. Young couples will pretend to be more in love than they really are…new couples try to impress one another with cheesy gifts and romantic gestures…old couples will continue their traditions of doing whatever they have decided is the romantic thing to do. Valentine’s Day is a full-blown holiday of denial. No matter how crappy your love life is, it can all be made better (at least for the day) with a crummy little heart-shaped card or a box of chocolates. Isn’t it great?

This Valentine’s Day, instead of going for the romantic stuff, I’m celebrating the release of From the Shadows, a horror anthology published by Triad Publishing Group which features my first short horror story, Eleven. I’m also happy to announce my first self-published project, A Little Bit of Murder: Short mysteries to confuse and amuse. It’s a collection of the short mysteries that were part of BB’s Mini-Mystery contest! You can get your copy here.

So, while everyone else is enjoying their cardboard box full of candy or admiring their bouquet of flowers, do something different. Buy yourself or someone you love a copy of From the Shadows or A Little Bit of Murder! Everyone loves a good story!

Until next time…

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