BB’s Mini-Mystery #1-Winner!

Congratulations to Conda!
She is our winner for solving week one’s Mini-Mystery,
With One Stone!”

Here’s the rest of the story:

Marla set the fire at the sanctuary. She called Mrs. McInrude in to talk with her about the vote and while Mrs. McInrude wasn’t looking, she turned out the lights and set the fire! Mrs. McInrude perished in the fire. It was Marla who called in to say she was sick, pretending to be Mrs. McInrude.

Marla was having an affair with Dr. Ballast and the two of them boarded a plane shortly after the board meeting where they voted to sell the property. The reason for this: Dr. Ballast was in cahoots with the contractor. He was playing the role of the lone holdout on the vote to make things look good. Actually, the contractor was paying the doctor to make sure the vote went the way it did. The fire was a bonus. Dr. Ballast had no idea the lengths that Marla would go to show him her love. She reinforced the deal by destroying the property and helping him to save face in the community. After all, it was the Margaret Ballast Memorial Bird Sanctuary and how would it look if he was willing to sell the property that he developed in his wife’s memory?

The two were never found and are currently enjoying a relaxing and decadent lifestyle in the Spain where they work as volunteers in local bird sanctuary.

Conda’s guess was the only one that correctly identified the real killer! Great job! Thanks to everyone for your guesses. I look forward to reading next week’s!

It’s only going to get better, folks so keep watching for the next Mini-Mystery to be posted on Monday, January 14th.


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