Year in Review

I’m coming up on a full year of promoting my books and thought it would be nice to take a moment and recognize all of the people who have offered their advice, reviews and guidance throughout the past year. I believe in showing gratitude and there have been so many wonderful people who have kept me going over the past year despite many personal struggles. Below is a list of the websites, authors and others I’d like to thank for their support of the Rona Shively series:

Tara Settembre
An Alternative Read
Lucille Perkins Robinson
Sabrina’s Reviews
Books 2 Mention
Front Street Reviews
Huntress Reviews
Lillian Cauldwell
Kathryn Raaker
Fallen Angel Reviews
C.S. Lemone
Mary Ann Hayatian
Barbara Watkins
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Miller & Word Weavers
Mike Ricksecker
Meloni Cassidy
The Clark County Public Library
New Carlisle Public Library
The Armchair Travelers Reading Group

The Managers and Staff at the following stores:

Waldenbooks-Fairfield Mall
Barnes & Noble-Dayton Mall
Waldenbooks-Springfield, OH
Waldenbooks-Columbus City Center
Around About Books-Troy, OH
Barnes & Noble-Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH
Barnes & Noble-Newport on the Levee
Waldenbooks-Monroe, MI
Waldenbooks-Ann Arbor, MI
Waldenbooks-Florence, KY
Joseph Beth Bookseller-Cincinnati, OH

Contest Winners and all entrants:

Nicole Tuttle-Recipe Contest
Morah Lynch-Valentine’s Day Contest
Julia Johnson-Got Character Contest
Karen Sheehan-Monthly Drawing
Sanjay Srinivas-Monthly Drawing

Lisa Scottoline for her words of encouragement.
Alex Evanovich for her comments about my website.
My sister, Jennifer for her clever insights and editing.

I’d also like to extend thanks to anyone out there who has read the books and to those who have added positive reviews to Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites. I hope I haven’t missed anyone. All of your support has meant so much. I’m hoping that this next year will hold just as much fun and excitement as the last. I’m going to be taking a couple of months off to recharge and I plan to be back “on tour” by the end of October. I’ll be posting here regularly and I hope to finish my third book over the next couple of months. So, stay tuned for more from the Rona Shively Stories plus some special projects that I’m working on.

Until next time…

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