Bye, Bye Bob

With Bob Barker’s retirement from The Price is Right, I have to mark a significant goal off of my list of things I really, really, wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. Being a contestant on Bob Barker’s Price is Right was one of the top five things on my list of things to do before I die. It was right up there with meeting Prince and becoming a best-selling author.

I’m really hoping that what I saw on Yahoo! isn’t true. If they are, in fact, thinking about replacing Mr. Barker with Rosie O’Donnell, we must rally in protest. Please, can we at least try and maintain a level of composure and class on the set of TPIR? All we need is Rosie berating the contestants when they can’t get the Plinko chips to land in the right slots. While I like to throw around sarcasm as much as the next gal, I really don’t like to throw stones at people. I don’t know Rosie, nor do I have any reason to dislike her, however, I feel that it would be a terrible mistake to let the greatest game show on television morph into another platform where Rosie can stir up controversy.

TPIR is supposed to make you happy when you watch it. I’m just not sure that Rosie can make that happen. She seems so unhappy and bitter these days and she’s just not as much fun as she was back when she played in Sleepless in Seattle. I really liked her when she first appeared on the scene, but something has changed in her and it’s both unpleasant and unfortunate. Granted, I’m nobody in the grand scheme of Rosie and Mr. Barker and I know that Rosie has alot of fans out there, too. What are your thoughts on who can fill Bob’s shoes? Write to me at I’d love to hear your views on this!

Until next time…

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