Hearts and Flowers

As you can see, if you scroll down a little, a new item has been added to my books/stories. My short romance, Hearts and Flowers was just published by Amazon Shorts! This is a great program that allows authors to submit their short stories for publication through Amazon. Stories go through a review process and if accepted, they are put up on the Amazon Shorts section of Amazon.com and sold as $.49 cent downloads. The author makes a pretty decent royalty on these and it is a wonderful way to get your name out there. I’m pretty excited about this.
Hearts and Flowers is somewhat of a departure from my usual sarcastic, bitchy side. This is a nice, sweet romantic story about two dancers who are secretly in love with each other. With some intervention from the outside, they find their way into each other’s arms. It’s a great little story and I hope that readers will come away from it feeling uplifted. If you are a hopeless romantic, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Until next time…

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