I just have one question. Why are Q-tips so damned hard to find when you are at the store? I swear that no matter how many times I buy them, I can never remember what part of the store they are in. Usually, I look in the baby aisles first. My logic being that this is where they should be because people use them on babies, right? My second thought is to look by the nail polish and stuff like that because that’s where I can find the cotton balls. Aren’t Q-tips just cotton balls on a stick? My next guess is usually near the first aid items. Oddly, I found them sandwiched between the shampoo and the body wash, in a section labeled “baby items.” I don’t know about you but after walking the broad expanse of the Wal-Mart, I’m really a little ticked off that they would label something as a “baby item” and not have it shelved with the baby stuff. Perhaps I’m just hormonal, but it seems that every time I go in search of a damned Q-tip, I feel like someone, somewhere is really trying to give me a hard time.
The store is not the only place where I have trouble finding Q-tips. Even at home, in my own bathroom I am continually stocking the little Q-tip holder with fresh swabs. Mysteriously, these disappear very quickly even though I am the only one using them to remove makeup and so forth. My husband, considerate man that he is, always manages to put the seat down but he can’t seem to leave me one frigging Q-tip. And let’s not even get me started on the toilet paper situation.
Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something. Though I’m not sure what possible good could come from allowing makeup and gunk to accumulate on my person. Perhaps I’m just having a bad day. Well, at least I got my 10,000 steps in today at Wal-mart, searching for Q-tips.

Until next time…

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