No Progress

I’m at a standstill. I posted a few blogs back that my husband and I were starting a new diet. The first few weeks have been difficult, but we have managed to stay on track. I even lost about ten pounds over the last three weeks. A funny thing happened sometime during that second week. I was excited that I had started losing weight and I had it all planned out. I was going to start an exercise program and try to be as active as possible so that I could burn more calories. My normal day consists of alot of “butt work” as I like to call it. I sit on my butt and type or I sit on my butt and make phone calls or basically, just sit on my butt. Lest you think that I am sitting around eating bon-bons, I should mention that I have a desk job three days a week and the rest of the time, I’m sitting here typing blogs, writing more Rona Shively stories, and surfing the internet for more ideas. If I lost a pound for every minute I spend checking and answering e-mail, I’d be rail-thin.

Here I am in the middle of week three and I haven’t lost one more pound. I tend to get impatient when I can’t see immediate results, so stepping on the scales and seeing that I have made absolutely no progess is not a motivator for me. It only serves to frustrate me and send me down the path to daydreaming about the donuts I am no longer eating. Hopefully, my resolve is strong enough that I won’t let this lull in my weight loss progrss deter me from my goal. I have about 70 pounds left to lose and I have come too far in my “lifestyle change” to go back now.

How do you deal with getting stuck? It doesn’t have to be dieting, just life. Have you ever hit a point in your life where you just couldn’t seem to make any real progress? What did you do to break out of the rut? How do you maintain your motivation? I’d like to hear your thoughts. You know how to reach me…just e-mail me at

Until next time…

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