The Eye of the Beholder

This is where I do my thinking. My desk. Although it looks cluttered, it really is a great place for me to work. My house is quite small, so my desk is pretty much in the middle of everything. Thus, I have the luxury of writing while listening to episodes of House or American Idol…when American Idol is actually on. Where do you do your thinking? Provided it’s not extremely disgusting, send me a photo of the place in your house where your mind is most productive…even if it happens to be the bathroom. It’s ok, I won’t lose respect for you.

The e-mail address is Send in your photos today! I might just give a prize away if I get a particularly interesting story!



One thought on “The Eye of the Beholder

  1. Unlike most normals writers I do my thinking when I am alone, or while lying in bed at night or in the morning, or last but not least while taking a relaxing bath. I’ve had my best story ideas come to me in the wierdest of spots.

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