I am a big fan of reality television. In fact, the only reality shows I don’t watch are things like Fear Factor, America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars. This is the time of year where I get a little bored. The Amazing Race is over for now, Survivor is finished, and American Idol is over after this week. This leaves me with VH-1’s Celebrity Fit Club and Mo’Nique’s Charm School.
In an effort to concentrate on my own reality, I set my husband and myself up on a new diet program. We are both overweight and have been wanting to lose the excess for a while now. We have a three-year old daughter and we also want this diet or lifestyle change, as we are calling it, to have a positive impact on her eating habits. So far, we are doing pretty well. We have only snapped at each other a few times a day. As a former Coca-Cola addict, (former meaning three days ago), my ability to cope with the diet is also impacted by the severe caffeine withdrawals I am experiencing. In other words, God help my husband and daughter if they try my patience within the next few weeks. I can be quite mean without my caffeine.
Seriously, though, the experience so far has been worthwhile. My daughter, who was hooked on candy, candy, candy is now coming to me and asking if she can have a bowl of strawberries or a banana. That is perhaps the biggest reward in all of this. It’s day 4 and the caffeine headaches are starting to taper off, I’ve lost five pounds and my husband’s sugar levels (he’s diabetic) have finally come down to normal range and are staying there.
Thus the benefit of watching and enjoying the challenges presented on shows like The Biggest Loser, Survivor, and the Amazing Race. It becomes very motivational to see people dig deep to meet their goals. So, while we are waiting for the next round, we are taking our cue from television and working hard to reach a family goal of better health.
What are you doing to meet your goals? Do you have a story about how you have turned your health around? A weight loss success story that you would like to share with the world? I’d love to hear from others who constantly seek motivation and apply the principles of goal setting to their everyday lives. After all, without goal setting, I never would have been able to start writing the Rona Shively series. By the way, I’m currently writing number three!
If you have a story to share, please e-mail me at I’d love to hear more motivational stories from the readers out there.

Until next time…

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